Thursday, 19 December 2013

Holiday Hours

January 2014!

Friday 3rd  10-4 pm
Saturday 4th 11-5 pm
Sunday 5th 11-5 pm
Monday 6th closed
Tuesday 7th closed
Wednesday 8th 1-5 pm
Thursday 9th 11-5 pm
Friday 10th 12 - 4 pm
Saturday 11th 12 -4 pm
Sunday 12th 12- 4 pm
Monday 13th closed
Tuesday 14th closed
Wednesday 15th 1- 4 pm
Thursday 16th 12-4 pm

Then normal hours.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Winter Solstice (Matariki) 2013

 An assortment of photos of the drawn back dress in a couple of styles. The drawstring at the back gives more definition the the bust, and gives you a slim part just where you need it most. They are $155 each. I have some plain black ones  which are not shown.

drawing of drawback dresses.

                                                                  Back view of drawback dress.
front view of drawback dress in spots.

                                         Pure wool St Trinians Dress with side zip and acetate satin facing. $150  sizes  10,12,14
 Mock Turtle II top. Long at the back curving up to shorter at the front. In an Acrylic fabric with a mock knit digital print. $150
                                                               Detail of knit print on Mock Turtle II
                              Mock Turtle  I  Shorter than the mark II version. Made from Viscose Lycra. Has a cable print $ 130
                                                                            Cable print closeup Mock Turtle I
                                                        Stripe top, really soft light stretchy Viscose Lycra fabric. $130
                                         Long skinny pants in Ornge with black stitched square cross motif on pocket and waistband.
                                                                            Closeup of pocket
                                                                                  closeup of waistband

 Black Wool/ Polyamide draw back dress with emerald green felt applique on centre front. $155 a range of sizes.
                                                   R ed Norway dress with drawback back to flatter the bust area and black felt applique                

Cropped Jacket with pinned on spot botton.  Wool/ Polyamide, with spot acrylic facing on collar and cuffs. $150     10,12,14,16

Sunday, 29 July 2012


A sale for us is a rare beast indeed, in fact its our first! Almost everything is reduced, some garments, including knitwear radically.
See you there, or enquire about the new prices of our posted photos by e mailing us:
Hilary,  Alex and the wee hairy one.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The shop in Waikouaiti will be closed today  Thursday the 19th and tommorrow Friday the 20th of July.Very sorry for this , but we will be back as usual on Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Even More... june 14th 2012

Here is a heap of photos Alex has just taken.
Wool mix  knit, flared back hooded jacket with faux rabbit fur lined hood and button. $180

Grey  felt wool flared hooded jacket with faux   rabbit fur  linded hood and button $180

Side veiw of jacket
Side veiw of print

Back veiw  of wool  flared  black jacket $180
Blue ring  print stretch skirt

Green black ring print stetch skirt $140

Wool heart hoodie white fur llined hood with ribbed sleeve and waist bands

Swing jacket wool mix ,orange lined hood and botton $180

Stretch jean denim 7/8 trousers front  leg pocket  $145

Back veiw with  back  jean pockets $145

Our dog Meg not for sale

7/8 trou motel x print pocket stretch waist $145

View of print pocket

 7/8 stretch trou print pocket  $145

Front  floral print pockets   Red  7/8 trou $145
Pure Merino wool Mondrian dress $150

Red Wool Swing Jacket rabbit fur  and red botton $180

Side  veiw of jacket

wool hoode Deco Printed sleeves and hood $180

Wool hood Mitt sleeves / purple green grey stripe  $160

Red /grey fade stetch skirt  $135

Safty pin stretch skirt  $135

Green Grey hoode wool /mix  long cut  $160

Have a Heart Hoode long cut ribbed sleeves  grey fur $160

Fantail Screen print fabric stretch skirt  $135

Wool long hoode ribbed sleeves white fur hood $160

Black silver pasely stetch skirt $135

Green black ring  wool tunic with flared back  $160

Red & black wool tunic  flared back  $160

Wool flared , green hooded jacket  $180

Long hoode blue  & white leaf  screenprint hood,  and waistband Wool $165

Wool long hoode red grey print hood lineing  $160

Grey/white  tree screenprint  pocket 7/8 trou stretch $145

Wool sceenprint deco design /neck tie & sleeves $170

light wool mix tunic screen print deco spot /zip back to ajust  $160

Front version of the above ........$160

LX12 screen print skirt stretch cotton      $135

Wool black screenprint of leafs,orange bodice and sleeves flared back.$175

Wool jacket with greeen hood lineing flared at back $180

Front shot of  with button of the above

Black Velvet jacket top with button clasp  $170

Green/blue black ring screen print reverse stretch skirt

Black  /white ring screenprint on to top half $135

3/4 stretch skirt black and red floral print  $135

Red tunic flared back with zip for adjustment Wool $160

Back of  the garment above  $160

Black spot skirt two layers long pleated back, $

Red ribbed sleeves grey body  all wool $160

Cat pocket  print stove pipe cut, $120

Black merino wool jacket  with green hoode $180